FOCUS - A small homely preschool run by a fully qualified Foundation Phase teacher. The main focus is more one on one teaching. Small group of children. ~~*~~

A home away from HOME!

Welcome to Little Munchkins Preschool

Little Munchkins Preschool is a Christian based school situated in Brackenhurst, Alberton. We are a fully private school that can take children from a year to Grade R.  We are a small, family run school, which focuses on each and every child as an individual. Children get one on one attention throughout the day.

At Little Munchkins, we believe that learning should be fun and progressive. We follow the CAPS curriculum for the older children and then my own revised curriculum for the younger ones. We base our curriculum on the core disciplines of Language development, Mathematics and Life Skills. Our motto at Little Munchkins is “A Home Away From Home”. Our hope for all of our kids is that they are as comfortable and happy at school as they are in their loving homes. We do a lot of structured play activities throughout the day and believe most learning is developed through play.

At Little Munchkins, children of all ages are integrated during playtimes and learn to play and look after each other, however children are streamed according to age and ability levels during structured activities. I believe that children benefit by being in a mixed age environment. Our older children learn to be nurturing and patient with the little ones and the little ones learn and observe from the older children and this speeds up cognitive development greatly.

Children learn to grow socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually in a small, nurturing environment.

Preschool is a ‘’child’s garden’’. Many times the process is more important than the product, and learning is accomplished by doing, touching and experiencing things daily.

Finally I’m going to finish this off with my favourite quote.

‘’Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can do’’ - John Wooden


  • We will open on the 7 January 2018.

    We will be closed from the 21 March to the 22 March.

    We will be closed from the 19 April to the 23 April.

    We will be closed on the 1 May.

    We will be closed on the 17 June.

    We will be closed on the 9 August.

    We will be closed from the 23 September to the 24 September.

  • Fees are paid over a 12 month period.

    Fees are expected to be paid in advance and no later than the 4th of a month.

    The fees for 2019 are as follows:

    • 5 days a week until 14:00 – R1900
    • 5 days a week until 17:30 – R2400
    • 3 days a week until 14:00 – R1400

    A non-refundable registration fee of R300 will be charged per child on entry to Little Munchkins Preschool.

  • Little Munchkins offers the following extra mural activities during school time:

    • Swimming

    Toads and Tadpoles swim school comes and fetches the children on a Tuesday and Thursday at 10 and they go swimming for half an hour. The cost per month is R420.

    • Playball

    Children develop co-ordination skills as well as a beginning knowledge of all sports that might be part of a primary school curriculum. They come once a week on a Friday at 10 for half an hour. The cost is R150 per month and a once a year registration fee of R100.


    • Tiny Twisters Tumbling

    Children develop the basics of gymnastics and can then move onto the tumbling club to reach their full potential. The cost is R140 per month and a registration fee of R120 per year.

    Extra mural activities are not covered by your school fees and it is up to you to pay the amount per month. You are also not obliged to send your child to any of the extra mural activities. As the school gets bigger, I will implement a few more extra murals.

    • Discourage your child from bringing toys from home, there are always tears if the toys are lost or broken and often cause fights between the children. We have plenty of exciting toys at school.
    • Sun hats are a necessity. Please ensure that your child's hat is sent to school daily.
    • Please send suntan cream with your child daily. Please make sure it is marked clearly with their name.
    • All your child's possessions need to be clearly marked with your child's name on them.
    • Please send a change of clothes to school for your child every day, as accidents can, and do happen.
    • The school can not be held responsible for any lost items.
    • Tuck shop for the children will be every Friday. Please give your child R5 so as to buy what they wish.
    • You can pack your child something to snack on for the morning. Lunch will not be provided. Cold drink and a small snack will be provided. Snacks will be a yoghurt or fruit or a biscuit.
    • The following should be inside your child's bag daily:
    • Wet wipes (if not potty trained yet)
    • Nappies preferably pull ups so potty training is a lot easier
    • Bum cream
    • Change clothes
    • Hat
    • Suntan cream
    • A healthy lunch and a water bottle

    Please can all the items on the stationery list be brought to school.

  • If your child is ill, please ensure that he/she is cared for at home. It is unfair to both the ill child and other children in the class if an ill child is present at school.

    If your child falls ill whilst at school, I will advise you on your child's condition. You will be notified whether your child needs to be taken home or to a doctor.

    Your child's temperature will be taken if he/she becomes unwell at school. Parents will be notified when their child's temperature is over 37,5 degrees.

    It is important that Little Munchkins is advised in writing as to whether your child has any allergies or medical problems.

    All details regarding any allergies that you know your child may suffer from must be detailed on the registration form and discussed with the principal i.e specific food allergies, medication, latex or plaster, bees, grass or pollen allergies.

    If your child has asthma, please ensure your child has their asthma pump at school every day and that they know when and how to use it.

    Medication that needs to be given to your child, needs to be clearly explained in writing about how much, how often etc. only then will it be given to your child.

Bakerman Day

Kids education to work with money - Bakerman Day . . .


The Playball Program Playball is a fun, structured and active way of engaging children in physical activity at a young age. Our scientifically researched curriculum, provides a good platform for enhancing life skills and building a strong base for confident sport participation. Our goal is clear, to teach sport properly so that any child who attends one or all . . .

Food Menu

paghetti bolognaise Mash, vegetables and fish fingers Pasta with bacon and sauce or boerewors with mash and veg Chicken a la King or chicken with rice and veg Pizza or Sausage rolls with chips . . .

School Fees

Per Month - Half day until 2pm. Per Month - Full day 3 Day per Week Per Month - Food . . .

Frogs and Tadpoles Swim School

A swim school that offers your child a safe and friendly environment where they can learn to swim! We do collect from nursery schools and aftercare facilities to help alleviate the stress parents face on getting their children to and from their extra murals. All our buses are owned by the swim school and we do not use outside transport companies. . . .

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