FOCUS - A small homely preschool run by a fully qualified Foundation Phase teacher. The main focus is more one on one teaching. Small group of children. ~~*~~

A home away from HOME!



If your child is ill, please ensure that he/she is cared for at home. It is unfair to both the ill child and other children in the class if an ill child is present at school.

If your child falls ill whilst at school, I will advise you on your child's condition. You will be notified whether your child needs to be taken home or to a doctor.

Your child's temperature will be taken if he/she becomes unwell at school. Parents will be notified when their child's temperature is over 37,5 degrees.

It is important that Little Munchkins is advised in writing as to whether your child has any allergies or medical problems.

All details regarding any allergies that you know your child may suffer from must be detailed on the registration form and discussed with the principal i.e specific food allergies, medication, latex or plaster, bees, grass or pollen allergies.

If your child has asthma, please ensure your child has their asthma pump at school every day and that they know when and how to use it.

Medication that needs to be given to your child, needs to be clearly explained in writing about how much, how often etc. only then will it be given to your child.